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Project Description

SharpForth is a Forth Interpreter that is written in C# without the usual assembly language and low level memory access. It's modelled after JonesForth and some of its derivates like JonesForthInC and bb4wForth.

It was not the purpose to create a high performance Forth implementation or a 100% Forth79/83 compliant system, but a robust environment for experimenting with Forth as a language.

It's more a proof of concept that Forth can be implemented in pure managed C# code without the usual low level memory access and extremely optimized data structures.

Due to the totally different underlying implementation of core words, the absence of the usual Forth flat memory, the different layout of Forth Words and linked list dictionary some of the Forth features are not implemented or cannot be implemented.

Please note that SharpForth is still being developed and not all features may work according to Forth specs. 

I've been working hard to make it as close to the 1994 ANSI Forth standard (ANSI X3.215-1994 / ISO) as possible by implementing as many as possible of it's word sets. So far 131 of the 133 CORE words have been implemented (besides numerous from other sets and legacy ones). FACILITY and DOUBLE are completely Implemented. Others are almost fully implemented (like FLOATING), but some are  partially or not implemented (like BLOCK, EXCEPTION, FILE, LOCAL and SEARCH).

The implementation of the FLOATING word-set is almost fully implemented (exceptions are pointer operations and single precision).

SharpForth contains some specific words like PI and E, offers debugging facilities with TRACING, .STACK, .FSTACK and SEE and has simple functions to control the cursor location in the Console. It also offers built-in documentation of the syntax of words using Forth Stack Notation (SYNTAX word). SharpForth can also load Forth files directly from a Url.

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